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Sharp NU-JC435 435w Monocrystalline PV Module

108 N-type half-cell TOPCon solar panel designed for residential and commercial rooftop PV systems, with black frame and white backsheet for reliability and uncompromising long-term performance.

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Main features

         ·The high-performance model (1,000 V)

         ·High module efficiency (22.28%)

         ·108 half cells, M10 wafers (panel dimensions: 1,722 x 1,134 x 30 mm)

         ·16 busbar technology + temperature coefficient of -0.300%/°C that increases power gain

         ·Robust product design (tests passed: PID resistance to salt spray IEC61701, IEC62716 ammonia, sand and IEC60068 dust)

         ·Proven quality (VDE IEC/EN 61215 + IEC/EN61730, MCS, Safety Class II, CE, UKCA, Fire Resistance Class C)

         ·25 years product warranty for EU and many other countries. 12 years globally.

         ·30-year linear power warranty: 99% of Pnoms are guaranteed in year 1 and 87.50% in year 30.