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Emmeti EH1718D3-F4 kit MIRAI-SMI + FEBOS 4.0 WiFi heat pump for single-zone gas systems R32 DC-Inverter 18.30kw A++/a++ three-phase

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Pre-packaged kits, consisting of a MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump and all the components necessary for the creation of a single-zone FEBOS 4.0 system, with the possibility of remote control via Web App. Composition - n. 1 MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump (different size depending on the kit) - n. 1 FEBOS-CRONO TBR WiFi (Master), for the management of the heat pump and the first temperature/humidity zone - n. 1 FEBOS-POWER, for the 24 Vdc power supply of the FEBOS-CRONO TBR WiFi - n. 1 FEBOS-ENERGY, for the calculation of the electricity produced by the photovoltaic system and the energy exchanged with the grid (fed in and withdrawn) - n. 1 Vortex water flow meter for the primary circuit of the MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump. Dimensions: Length 100 mm, threaded connections 1" M. Cable: 5x0.34 mm2, extendable up to max 30 m, M12x1 female connector. Supplied complete with 1" F - 3/4" M unions, and 1" F - 1" M adapter (Length 30 mm) for installation on Eco Hydro kit ITM-200 B, ITM- 400 B and Hydro kit ITM-25 - n. 1 DHW probe (to be installed on the Eco Hot Water or on the external boiler dedicated to DHW production) In the case of a MIRAI-SMI 4.0 single-phase heat: n. 1 single-phase electricity meter for calculating heat pump consumption. In the case of a three-phase MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump: 3 three-phase electricity meters (one for calculating the consumption of the heat pump; one for calculating the energy consumed by the house; one for calculating the electricity produced by the photovoltaic system).